The Nephrology department focuses on the diagnosis of the kidney related acute and chronic diseases. Kidney helps to purify your body’s blood and excrete the excessive water from the body as well as maintain the blood pressure. By any chance either or both the kidneys are damaged, the wastage in the body can increase which can lead to temporary and/or permanent damages in the body. 


Our Nephrologists are highly trained for severe kidney damages and to treat the same. Acute/Chronic Renal Failure, Lupus, Nephritis, damages due to high blood pressure or high diabetes or other kind of long lasting disease which can harm the functionality of kidneys. Kidney stone is the most frequent issue which people can come across due to unfiltered water consumption or due consuming certain types of food. Our doctors can help treat the same from core and provide required medication and consultation through which the symptoms can be limited in long run.  


The Kidney Transplantation which may be required at an extreme critical level and our Nephrologist can help to perform the same at required time with proper examination. The Solar hospital also provides the facility of Hemodialysis machines which can temporarily help to replace the functionality of the kidney and purify the blood. Hemodialysis might be required according to the patient’s condition and doctors examination. We offer dialysis facilities for in-patient as well as out-patient for their treatment. 

MD, DM (Nephrology)


Dr. Hasit Patel