Orthopedic and Joint Replacement

“Let us help you lead your former life”


Orthopedic surgeries are treatment for patients troubling doing their regular physical activities or have any congenital part limiting their activities. Such surgeries might be required if the patient met with an accident, have degrading bone density, dysfunction in joints as aging and much more possibilities. Orthopedic Surgeries can work on a patient’s muscle and skeletal system which improvise their functionality and give better support for physical activities. 


In Orthopedic surgeries the experience of the doctors require the most as they work on more cases their accuracy in prediction can give another life to the patient and that’s the only thing we abide by. We have a team of Orthopedic Surgeons who come with a rich background to do surgeries like knee replacement, total hip replacement, Arthroscopic key-hole surgery, trauma-care facility for the patients with multiple fractures and much more. 


The wide experience using different biomaterials and understanding their feasibility with the patient’s body has been experienced the most so far. We also have a facility of physiotherapy and rehabilitation services for post surgery requirements. 

Dr. Yakshat Shah

DNB (Ortho)

Orthopedic, Joint Replacement & Arthroscopy Surgeon

DNB (Ortho)

Orthopedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon