Modern Operation Theatre

At Solar Hospital we have two start-of-art Operation theatres which can perform all kinds of surgeries of different departments. We have Class 100 OT, a centralized air flow and medical gases system which also have self-contained filters/fan units which help to recirculate air within the theatre. All the air entering points in the operation theatre come across two staged air filtration systems of primary filters and HEPA filter for purification purpose. 


Our Operation theatre also has the best technological equipment like a multipara monitor, anesthesia machine, defibrillator, central suction machine, best-quality OT Table, OT LEDs, displays for endoscopies and biopsies, C-arm for on-going surgeries to see the X-rays.


We also sterilise and fumigate the OT before and after the usage. All the nursing and paramedical staff follow the NABH guidelines for OT usage. Our medical practitioners team, nursing staff and critical care provider teamwork as a strong unity which makes it possible to deliver and get the best outcome for patients.